what is an employment solicitor!
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The aim of the employment solicitors is to provide the basic employment rights. Employment solicitors include three things. These are as follows:

1. Advice for employee

2. Advice for employers

3. The general business laws.

Advice for employee or employers includes the basic advices which are given to the employees and employers so that they can work in an efficient manner. There are employment laws in almost all kind of businesses. Employment law is the rules of law that controls the relationship between employee and employer. The laws are designed in order to provide protection and rights to their workers. These laws provide the following thongs. Such as:

1. It helps in promoting safety and health of the works.

2. It helps in preventing discrimination

3. It helps in establishing a minimum level for economic support.

The employment laws include the following things. These are:

1. Family leave

2. Medical leave

3. Safety and protection of the employees

4. Health of the employees

5. Security

6. Basic benefits

7. Whistleblowing claims

Now days there are lot of business owners which are not familiar about employment law. When an owner know the employment laws and provide the basic laws to their clients then it will make their employs happy.

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